5 Sure Ways To Overcome Hardship In Your Life.




Living in this world comes with a measure of hardship. In fact life itself seems to be synonymous with hardship. How else could you explain the many disasters, wars, famine and diseases that are ravaging humanity today? The tendency is for people to worry about their continuous existence on planet earth. In my life I have had my own share of the tumultuous nature of life. Life has dealt several severe blows on me to the point where I arrived at the conclusion that I would not be able to go on for one more day. But somehow,  I always find the inner strength to push on with life. It’s obvious that when one problem is overcome another reared its ugly head like the hydra headed monster in Hercules.

I was homeless at a point and didn’t have money to rent an apartment. With no job and money I got a no from everyone I approached to accommodate me for a while until I able to find my feet again. With no option and a place to live in, I packed whatever belongings I had and moved to my village. At first life in the village was cool, as I enjoyed nature and moved around with folks drinking palm wine. Most times I would wake up with nothing meaningful to do but sleep through the day. Life became drab and purposeless as I soon got fatigued and tired of village life. Again, I worked my phone and started calling some friends and acquaintance to see who would take me in and give me and opportunity to work myself up from the deep hole I was in. After series of rejections an old high school friend connected me with another of our  mutual friend who I had no seen in years and was also going through intense hardship as I, and was barely managing to survive. This friend offered  to accommodate me in his place. I left my village to begin life again in the most harrowing condition, in a Mosquito infested slum. Here I came face to face with hardship, and my fears. But this time there would be no running away. I resolved to face my fears and possibly rise above the conditions that hold me down. The hardship in our life are they for a purpose. Napoleon Hill  said every disappointment and adversity comes with an equal opportunity. How can you care for others if you can’t care for yourself. Hardship helps you horn your survival skills and polish your creative potentials to be a better person and make your world better. Know that struggle bring inner strength, and pain is a wonderful teacher. Therefore, life is presenting you with an opportunity to be rich, happy and to live in abundance.


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Book: Age of possibilities
Book: Age of possibilities



These steps helped me overcome my challenges. If followed they can help you handle the hardships that life will throw at you.


One of the the tried and tested ways to overcome hardship or the wear and tear of daily living is to put the bulk of your attention in the present. When you live in the moment you save yourself from unnecessary worry that comes from thinking of tomorrow and its attendant concerns. It enhances concentration and help you focus on making the most of today. Fortunately,  when you take care of the moment and live it well chances are the future will present lots of possibilities to you.  Living in the moment does not mean the hardships would disappear, what it means is that you develop the right perspective and attitude to correctly handle the challenges at hand.


Most times we take ourselves and challenges too serious and make mountain out of molehill. Most great men who have overcome daunting challenges in life, give credit to their successes and ability to rise above hardships to a developed and uncanny sense of humor which gives them a relax attitude and help them smile when times are hard. This relax attitude help them tap into their creative potentials which enable them reach solutions and surmount difficulties.


A positive attitude helps you stay optimistic.  When you are optimistic life becomes easier to live, and you are hopeful that somehow a way will be found to climb out of the hardships that plagued you. A positive disposition helps set into motion the law of attraction that attracts positive things into your life.


There’s power in prayer, meditation and contemplation depending on the term that appeals to you. When you pray and trust your care and concerns to a higher power your faith increases and when you have faith, according to the scriptures you can move mountain. Meditation and contemplation links you up to your higher self. In your higher self you share divine qualities like creativity, wisdom and power with God. When you find a way to gain access to this side of your higher self through meditation and contemplation, you have an understanding of cause and effect. And once you know the cause of a problem, the solution is only a breadth away.


Visualization and creative imagination is underutilized by the majority because of ignorance. Most people would live the life of their dreams and gain happiness if they are acutely aware of the power they have to change their lives through the use of visualization and creative imagination.  We can use our creative powers to picture our lives the exact way we want it to be. We can also create the solution to the hardships we face by making a picture of ourselves in the desired position we want.

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Book: Age of possibilities
Book: Age of possibilities

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