How To Unlock Your Creative Potential and Make Your Life Better


Creative potential

Creative potential

Our creative potential is one divine attribute we share with the creator and confer on us the ability to create our world the way we want.

The Oxford Advanced Learmer’s dictionary defines potential as the power or quality which exists and can be developed. Many people live mediocre lives not because they have no potentials, but because they would not develop their creative potential. Developing your creative potential can be a herculean task, because most of the God given abilities have become stale and atrophied from disuse, thereby making many to be too comfortable in their comfort zone of mediocrity, this makes it a daunting task to escape. That’s why majority of the people find their gift during times of adversity, because they are forced to reach inside their reservoir of strength to survive. In doing so most people find that they have special talents lurking inside. Others find this creative potential after being locked in solitary confinement; an example is John Bunyan who wrote the ‘Pilgrims Progress’ in his cell.
Also , apart from individuals, many nations of the world have succeeded in developing their creative potentials and improving the life of its citizens as well as their national productivity. Singapore under Lee Kuan Yew shed it toga of a weak social cultural nation to become one of the economical developed countries of the world. Lee Kuan Yew was able to tap into the creative potentials of the once economic dependent nation and turn it on the path to greatness.

Similarly, Mahatmir Mohammed former prime minister of Malaysia changed the fortune of a little known country and made it one of the world leading business destinations and the largest producer of palm oil in the world. What do these men have in common; they braced the odds to make their respective countries great. The countries were little known until their leaders emerged, who are themselves gifted at developing potentials. They looked inward and brought out the dormant qualities of their respective countries and changed the course of their history. 98% of people live dormant lives and below par existence, because they won’t develop their potentials. The 2% who do are great achievers in business, sport, literature and the academia. Those who dare to develop their potentials are living the awesome life. Yes, many people are really gifted in sport, business and music, if you take a close scrutiny of their lives, you would find they worked more than the rest of their peers. That is why they are stars. Warren buffet, recognized the world over as the best investor that has walked the face of the earth is regarded as a genius. In an interview, Charlie Munger, Buffet’s right hand man and vice president at Berkshire Hathaway reveals that Warren is not content to rest on laurels.”He is continuously dedicated to learning and gaining greater knowledge. He is one of the best learning machines on earth. The turtles who outrun the hare are learning machines. If you stop learning in this world, the world rushes right by you. Warren was lucky that he could still learn effectively and build his skills, even after he reached retirement age” Munger went on to say, “having watched the whole process with warren, I can report that if he had stopped with what he knew at earlier points, the record would be a pale shadow of what it is”. Putting it simply Warren Buffet has continually dedicated himself to refining and expanding his understanding of investing. Even if you are gifted, it is not a guarantee that you will excel in your chosen field. Life is a game where you keep practicing to stay relevant, because in reality talent is never enough, if you want to be the best. According to John C Maxwell, the author of the book ” Talent is Not Enough” he says “one of the parodoxes of life is that the things that initially make you successful are rarely the things that keep you successful” Anybody can develop their potential if they try hard enough. Winston Churchill knows this when he said “continous effort, not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potentials”. Whether you will live an awesome and extraordinary life or not, start with developing your creative potential.



Book: Age of possibilities
Book: Age of possibilities

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