How To Make Your Life Productive.


How to make your life Productive
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How to make your life Productive

How to make your life ProductiveI couldn’t do anything to make my life productive. It was as if part of my brain was put in a freezer. I could not find anything to write about. Each time I put pen on paper, I seem not to be able to come up with any content to fill in the blank sheet of paper in front of me. It was as though my greatest fear has come home to roast, and that is to get to the point where I cannot  be productive and become an achiever in my life because I have lost the ability to use my creative powers.  I had to go to God in prayer “I said oh God I know I am jealous of El James and her Fifty Shades of Grey, and I know I am also jealous of J.K Rowling and her Harry Potter’s books please help me to rise above this writer’s block and to write bestselling books like the duo”. I don’t know if the prayer was answered, but I had a burst of ideas on things to write about. And some how I am writing again. A year ago I wrote a second book and self published it using the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). All those who read it would said to me “what a wonderful book you got here,its going to do very well”. You know what? It never did well, it sold only a few copies on the Amazon stores. I hope I would find success this time around.
Somebody said to me the other day that my posts are too long. I thought its better to give quality information to readers. I promise this post will be shorter.
Am I living a productive life?  I am not sure. But I know at times I am not motivated, and tends to just let life run right by. The dictionary define productive as the capability of producing something in abundance.  Life requires us to make an imput into our lives. You have to work, dream and collaborate as well as compete. To achieve anything in life you have to be in charge, you have to put in 10,000 hours in dedicated practice. You can’t achieve that when you do nothing, and just put in the time hoping that before the big bang comes, the gods would somehow bestow you with all your desires. A lot of people lack a purpose for which to live their lives. They go through life thinking that life is just a random walk. Unfortunately, there’s no hope for a person with lack of a well define purpose. First, seek to find the WHY, which is the purpose why you want to embark on a journey. No man goes to the airport to buy an air ticket without having a destination and a purpose for going to that destination. A person living on Autopilot is like a person who goes to the airport and asked the ticketing officer to sell him a ticket to everywhere. I am sure that person would soon be behind bars for psychatric evaluation.

To be happy in life you have to find a course to die for and be willing to serve humanity with your talent and God given abilities.
Below are some anecdotes of some people who did not live their life on doing nothing.

23rd time Olympic medalist. Michael Phelps spent 5hrs in and out of the pool in training for 6 years before he ever won his first Olympic gold medal. Even though he was talented he put in the required 10,000 hours in practice to honed his skills.

Pete Cashmore is the 31 years old entrepreneur and founder of Mashable. Born in Banchory, Scotland, Cashmore founded Mashable in 2015 at the age of 19 while still living with his parents in Aberdeen. He suffered from complications after a routine surgery from appendicities, As he struggled to recover, he missed school as he took to his computer to pass the time and learn from the internet. Cashmore is worth $95 million.

David Karp is an American web developer and founder of the micro blogging platform Tumblr. An easy to use blogging platform that now host 320.5 million blogs and receives about 1.5 billion page views per week. On may 20th 2013 he sold Tumblr to Yahoo for $1.1 billion.

Seun Osewa is a Nigeria internet entrepreneur and founder of Africa largest forum Nairaland. Osewa had to sacrifice his education to grow the forum to what it is today. He is worth N1.6 billion.

For these people to be successful they had to go through many harrowing experiences, sleepless night, disappointment and a lot of planning. They have to stay motivated until they see the pot at the end of the rainbow.

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